Elishiba Ngugi is the founder of ASALs Biofeeds. She holds a Masters Degree in Global Business Sustainability and carries a wealth of experience in humanitarian development organizations in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands of Kenya. She has won several national and global awards on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Clarena Amatha is currently a scholar at Leeds University in London. Clarena is also a female entrepreneur who have won several national and global awards. Clarena is an agribusiness expert in Kenya who brings a wealth of experience on gender and women empowerment using climate smart technology.

Kyalo is a climate expert with experience from humanitarian organizations. He brings a wealth of experience in climate change adaptation and resilience. Robert is also an environmental impact assessment and audit expert and holds a Masters degree in Environmental Planning and Management.

Mr. Kenneth Ndua is an innovator and an entrepreneur with several national and local awards on energy and environmental innovation. Mr. Kenneth brings a wealth of experience from development organizations. He holds a masters degree in Innovation and entrepreneurship and a bachelor’s degree in sociology. 

Dorcas is a skilled professional with strong background in Commerce. This encompasses Social Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Accounting, and Capacity Development. With her dedication, she has made significant contributions to the field, empowering individuals and SMEs to create positive social and economic change.

Through her career, Dorcas has played a pivotal role in training and supporting impact entrepreneurs achieve growth. She firmly believes in the power of entrepreneurship to address social and environmental issues while driving economic evolution. She has supported implement a portfolio of activities targeting SMEs growth and sustainability. These include development of customized training curriculum, capacity strengthening and market linkages in five (5) ASAL value chains (Mango, Fodder, Honey, Livestock and Horticulture). Dorcas has a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by impact entrepreneurs and is committed to providing them with the guidance and tools they need to thrive.