WThe digital green network business model

Majority of small holder farmers in Kenya have limited access to agriculture extension services. The existing agricultural extension system in Kenya is not very effective in moving farmers to adopt scientific and modern techniques. Moreover, the costs of reaching small farmers, especially in remote regions, are high. ASALs Biofeeds addresses this information asymmetry by focusing on climate smart agriculture knowledge dissemination through an innovative agricultural App.

Our strategic partnerships are designed to harness and nurture a broad range of alliances with multilateral, technical and private organizations to catalyze agricultural transformation in Africa. By promoting sustainable agriculture, the partnerships are supporting African countries to realize the global sustainable development goals of ending hunger, achieving food security and improving nutrition.

We partner with SMEs, government institutions, investors, input companies, mechanization partners, digital partners, off taker, technical partners, financial institutions, development finance institutions, multilateral partners, research institutions, industry associations and alliances. In all the partnerships, we aim to leverage each other’s resources towards increasing food production and economic growth in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands of Kenya.