ASALs Bio feeds was formed in the year 2022 with a goal of building a network of SMES for the Kenyan women and youth groups in the Arid and Semi-arid Lands of Kenya.

ASALs Biofeeds is a social enterprise that was formed with a goal of bringing together pastoralist and agro-pastoralist farmers for business acceleration and incubation. Currently, the enterprise has got a total number of 3,700 members drawn from the Livestock market cooperatives, agricultural, poultry, beekeeping, camel milk production, fodder and tree planning Value Chains. The enterprise strategic goal is to increase its membership to 10,000 in the next five years and widen its scope to other regions of Kenya and across Africa. 

The aim of the network is to bring together a pool of innovative entrepreneurs who are not able to raise adequate capital for their businesses, build their capacities through trainings and link them to financial institution for funding. We empower the small holder farmers build resilience towards drought through Sustainable Livelihoods, support the development of inclusive markets and finance to strengthen agricultural systems, and strengthen the capacity of agricultural Value Chain actors to build sustainable agriculture through climate innovation. ASALs Bio feeds addresses smallholders’ urgent needs for farmers at grassroot level to deal with the consequences of climate change and become more resilient to avoid the risk of collapsing the agricultural systems that sustain huge populations. We understand that African farmers need uniquely African solutions designed to meet their specific environmental and agricultural needs so they can sustainably boost production and gain access to rapidly growing agriculture markets.



To build a network of food secure people across Africa driven by agricultural and climate innovation solutions to reduce hunger and improve malnutrition.


To become the largest network of sustainable food systems across Africa influencing food production at grassroot level through empowering smallholder farmers to produce sufficient and healthy food supply.

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