ASALs Biofeeds has got dedicated team in charge of offering consulting services to organizations interested in exploring new business opportunities in the African continent. It supports the creation and growth of business partnerships between funding organizations and African entrepreneurs at grassroot level.

ASAL’s Biofeeds has a deep knowledge of the African entrepreneurial ecosystems gained through enterprise development. This enables the organization to design interventions in line with the UN 2030 Agenda, which are significantly relevant to the local Business for Green Impact

The project aims to create business opportunities and jobs through green business scale up, to contribute to economic growth, peace, political stability and social development of the communities.

The company has three areas of activity:

  • Create a database of sustainable entrepreneurs in the green businesses at local level.
  • Financial support for sustainable entrepreneurs to ensure access to credit.
  • Capacity building of entrepreneurs in the sector and improvement of green entrepreneurship in the following areas:

(a) Business Modelling

(b) Innovation

(c) Marketing

(d) Financial Modelling Boot Camp

(e) Investor Relations.

ASALs Biofeeds Approach

a) Encouraging the development of high-potential start-ups that can withstand competitive pressure.

b) Supporting the development and scale-up of existing companies.

c) Removing the main obstacles that entrepreneurs face, such as access to financing and global markets.

d) Contributing to job creation as well as decent and equal work.

e) Grant making for SMEs